Cakes, pies and leavened dough cakes

🎂 If you can have your cake and eat it too, why not try to do both. Jack Mintz 🎂
🎂 All I really need is love, but a little cake now and then doesn't hurt! Charles Schulz🎂
Amaretto cake
Black Guinness cake with froth
Bosa’s lemon crescents
Cake with lemon, rosewater and pistachios
Cake with wine and olive oil
Carob swirls
Chocolate magic custard cake
Croatian walnut and poppy seed dough cake

Honey cake with caramelized pears
Marshmallow brownies with peanuts
Mediterranean semolina cake
Merano squares

Mon Chéri chocolate cake
Moroccan rose
MWC chocolate cake

Quick polenta cake
Rose cake
Scrumptious poppy seed cake

Small flourless rum chocolate cake
Turkish squares
White cake with marzipan and almonds

White chocolate and hazelnuts brownies
White chocolate squares

Cheesecake with cranberries

Cherry cream cheese cake
Quark cheese bundt cake
Strawberry lemon cheesecake
Strawberry ricotta cake
The easiest sour cherry cheesecake


Apple and prune strudel
Basic fruit or savory pie crust
Cherry cream cheese cake
Clementine cake
Clafoutis with sour cherries
Croatian apple cake
Delicious pear cake
Fresh pineapple pie with coconut topping
Grapefruit cake
Juicy pear and apple cake
Lemon and poppy seed cake
Light lime tart
Lychee butter cake
Nectarine, fig and ricotta cake
Nectarine upside-down cake
Olive oil plum cake
Orange Marmalade Cake
Orange pie
Pear and ginger upside-down cake
Pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting
Pineapple upside-down cake
Plum crumble
Pomelo cake
Prune cake
Rum, pineapple and coconut bundt cake
Rhubarb upside down cake
Skillet fruitcake
Soft cake with pears and eau de vie
Sour cherry crumb cake
Spiced plum pound cake
Summer fruit and almond spelt cake
Swedish apple cake