Fish and sea food

Fish and sea food recipes by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica.
🐟 Ruling a large kingdom, is like cooking a small fish. (Handle gently and never overdo it). Lao-tse, Chinese philosopher (6th century BC) πŸŸ
🐟 Fish, to taste right, must swim three times -in water, in butter, and in wine. Polish proverb πŸŸ
Alaska pollack fish cakes
Aromatic perch fillets
Baked perch with herb stuffing
Cod and tomato bake
Cod fillets in a milky sauce
Cod with tomatoes, olives and chorizo
Cod with tomatoes, olives and polenta
Creamy risotto with mussels, shrimp and squid
Crispy fried perch fillets
Gilt-head bream with courgettes
Gilt-head bream with potatoes and zucchini
Gilt-head bream with romesco sauce
Haddock and corn chowder with saffron
Maple-soy glazed salmon steaks
Oven-baked cod with feta and mushroom mash
Oven baked gilt-head bream
Oven-baked hake with vegetables and lovage
Pan grilled glazed salmon with pesto potato salad
Perch fillets with shrimp and vermouth sauce
Perfect fish cakes
Quick salmon
Roasted sea bass with bacon and tomatoes
Salmon in a pesto crust
Salmon steaks in white sauce
Salmon steaks with asparagus
Salmon with chickpeas and capers
Salmon with red wine sauce
Scorpionfish with chickpeas and wine polenta
Sea bass with fennel and broccoli
Sea bass with potatoes and crispy savoy cabbage
Spanish style salmon fillets
Stuffed trout
Trout with creamy potato salad
Trout wrapped in bacon
Tuna and herring mousse
Tuna mafiosa
White fish filets in parsley sauce

Baked stuffed calamari
Calamari stuffed with bread crumbs, pine nuts, and capers
Char-grilled stuffed squid with tomato
Classic prawn cocktail
Creamy risotto with mussels, shrimp and squid
Fettuccine with shrimp, mussels and cherry tomatoes
Octopus in red
Quick calamari
Squid stuffed with shrimp
Tomo’s seafood risotto