Ice cream, desserts and drinks

🍦 Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal. Voltaire 🍦
🍨 Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. Ernestine Ulmer 🍨
Bubble gum ice cream
Banana in brown sugar ice cream
Caramel ice cream
Cherry ice cream Coffee ice cream
Easy strawberry ice cream
Green tea ice cream
Hazelnut ice cream
Lemon ice cream
Mango-pineapple ice cream
Mocha ice cream
Peanut butter ice cream
Pear and Amaretto ice cream
Pear and ginger ice cream
Pineapple ice cream
Raspberry ice cream
Rich dark chocolate ice cream
Strawberry and cream cheese ice cream
White chocolate-cranberries ice cream

Bittersweet chocolate pudding
Eve's apples (for Adam and Eve)
Mocha, chocalata lata yaya or Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Pears in wine and vanilla sauce
Shrove Tuesday crêpes

48 h Hollywood fasting drink

Amaretto liqeur
Cuban mojito
Flavoured water
Kahlúa liqueur Kiwi, pear and lime smoothie
Mango melon smoothie
Pineapple - mango smoothie
Virgin fresh Bloody Mary